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Stat Guide

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1 Stat Guide on Sat Jul 16, 2016 9:34 pm




Stats are important to keep track of, as they gauge your strengths and reveal any weaknesses characters have. They are given rankings and tiers for keeping track of where they are at. Members can train these stats at any pace, there is no rush. Be competitive, or be relaxed, with progress. Below is an explanation for each stat and the tier rankings. Upon creating and having your character approved, you will be able to update your own stats throughout the RP.

The Stats

  • Strength: Measures physical strength.
  • Speed: Measures how fast one moves.
  • Defense: Measures endurance level.
  • Perception: Measures skill with accuracy.
  • Reaction Speed: Measures ability to predict and see attacks.

Rank D

The lowest and starting rank for all stats a character has. Physical attacks, at the most, deal minor bruising, surface cuts, and nothing more than minor fractures. Characters run at average speed for humans and have average agility. Defense is reasonable against techniques of equal rank. Reaction speed is average and can predict the intentions of attacks. Perception levels are at an average level.

Stamina Pool: 150

Equipment: Rank D

Quests: Rank C

Rank C

Physical attacks, at the most, cause moderate bruising, .5 inch cuts, and small fractures. Characters run at slightly above average speeds and have slightly above average agility. Defense fairs well against techniques of equal rank and lower. This is the level of rookie athletes. 

Stamina Pool: 350

Equipment: Rank C

Quests: Rank B

Rank B

Physical attacks cause deep bruising, .5 - 1 inch cuts, and fractured bones. Characters run at above average speed and have above average agility. These characters can defend well against most attacks and have reasonable reaction speed. Among pirates, these characters have what it takes to rank highly within crews. 

Stamina Pool: 450

Equipment: Rank B

Quests: Rank A

Rank A

Characters are coming closer to grasping their full capabilities and are capable of leading fine crews. Physical attacks, at the most, cause moderate breaks in bones, 1 - 2 inch cuts, and internal bruising and bleeding. Characters run at impressive speeds and have very capable agility. It is very likely to see high ranking individuals who are of this rank.

Stamina Pool: 550

Equipment: Rank A

Quests: Rank S

Rank S

In the pirate world, these are the most incredible individuals who have worked hard to get where they are. Physical attacks are bone shattering, and weapon-based attacks can tear off limbs with great ease. These characters are above elites. Pirates who have this kind of strength are said to have high bounties, and Marines have massive reputation. 

Stamina Pool: 600

Equipment: Rank S

Quests: Rank S

Training Stats

Rank D
T-1 ~> T-2 | 100 words and 150 Beli
T-2 ~> T-3 | 125 words and 200 Beli
T-3 ~> T-4 | 150 words and 250 Beli
T-4 ~> T-5 | 175 words and 300 Beli
T-5 ~> Rank C | 200 words and 350 Beli

Rank C 
T-1 ~> T-2 | 300 words and 400 Beli
T-2 ~> T-3 | 325 words and 450 Beli
T-3 ~> T-4 | 350 words and 500 Beli
T-4 ~> T-5 | 375 words and 550 Beli
T-5 ~> Rank B | 400 words and 600 Beli

Rank B
T-1 ~> T-2 | 500 words and 650 Beli
T-2 ~> T-3 | 525 words and 700 Beli
T-3 ~> T-4 | 550 words and 750 Beli
T-4 ~> T-5 | 575 words and 800 Beli
T-5 ~> Rank A | 600 words and 850 Beli

Rank A
T-1 ~> T-2 | 700 words and 900 Beli
T-2 ~> T-3 | 725 words and 950 Beli
T-3 ~> T-4 | 750 words and 1000 Beli
T-4 ~> T-5 | 775 words and 1150 Beli
T-5 ~> Rank S | 800 words and 1300 Beli

Rank S
T-1 ~> T-2 | 1000 words and 1500 Beli
T-2 ~> T-3 | 1500 words and 2000 Beli
T-3 ~> T-4 | 2500 words and 2500 Beli
T-4 ~> T-5 | 5000 words and 3000 Beli

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