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Character Application {WIP}

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1 Character Application {WIP} on Thu Jul 28, 2016 6:34 pm


Character Name: {Full Name; Last, First}
Alias | Epithet: {Character's nickname}
Race: {See List}
List of Races:

Human - Most dominant, and technologically advanced, race in the world. Can be found on most islands, including those in the New World.

Fishman -

Minkmen -

Kuja -

Dwarf -

Cyborg -
Gender: {Male or Female}
Age: {Character's Starting Age}
Birthday: {Month and Day}

Primary Occupation: {See List Below}

Secondary Occupation: {See List Below}
List of Occupations:

Martial Artist - Specializes in fighting with their bare hands. Uses daggers and gauntlets in combat.

Weapons Specialist - Specializes in fighting with swords, axes, spears, and other bladed weapons.

Marksman - Specializes in fighting with ranged weapons. Uses pistols, rifles, bows and arrows, and other ballistic weapons.

Thief - Specializes in stealing and has a better understanding of stealth and sneaking around.

Chef - Cooks meals for crews during travels to keep them well-fed and rested. Can use even a fork to gain the upper hand in battle.

Doctor - Specializes in medical care for allies and can use numerous pieces of surgical equipment. Can become skilled enough to perform treatment in even the harshest conditions.

Navigator - Specializes in guiding the ship to new destinations. Possibly one of the most level-headed when under pressure during sea travel.

Shipwright - Focuses on maintenance for the vessel in order to keep it running perfectly for traveling the seas.

General Appearance: {Brief description of character's overall appearance. Build, Clothing, etc. Pictures can be used, but must have description. 200 words minimum.}
Height: {Self-Explanatory}
Weight: {Self-Explanatory}
Hair: {Self-Explanatory}
Eyes: {Self-Explanatory}
Crew Tattoo: {Position on body where tattoo is located and what it looks like}

Personality: {Brief description of character's behavior and overall personality. 200 words minimum.}
Likes: {List of what the character likes. 50 words minimum for each like.}
Dislikes: {List of what the character dislikes. 50 words minimum for each dislike.}
Fears: {List of what the character is afraid of. 50 words minimum for each fear.}
Inspirations: {List of what the character is motivated by. 50 words minimum for each motivation.}

History: {Description of the character's past and how they got to where they are now. Do not make it some ridiculous junk, like a war in a past life that once killed your character, leading them to the OP world. Just make it something that everyone can understand. 400 words minimum.}
Face Claim: {Character used to represent the character's image. Do not use their name as your character's. Be creative, this is not a crossover. Face Claim Name | Where they come from}

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